Event review specialist congress
”risk area hospital – key problems and innovative solutions“

The congress

More than 50 international participants and speakers from 17 different countries around the world have made the congress at
Schloss Hohenkammer and the HT Group headquarters in Heideck an exciting and insightful event.

From 18th to 20th of September 2016 the specialist congress “risk area hospital – key problems and innovative solutions” took place at
Schloss Hohenkammer near Munich.

The event was marked by interesting, excellent lectures from international experts about architecture, hospital construction and hygiene
– an instructive specialist congress with top-class guests, important contacts and discussions worth knowing.

The event was held in cooperation of HT Group in Heideck and TÜV Süd, Nuremberg.

Most modern operating rooms in the heart of Bavaria

Launching the event the participants were invited to visit the operating areas of “Klinikum Augsburg”.

18 operating rooms entirely made out of glass were recently built in two construction stages over a three-year period.
Special features of the project are the two Hybrid ORs, the room management system HT Control and 130 doors in the entire operating area
which were all installed by HT.

During the visit employees of HT Group and of the Klinikum Augsburg were available to answer technical, logistical and medical questions.

In the evening, the opening event and the joint dinner offered the possibility for first expert discussions.

With the focus on hygiene

Lacks of hygiene provide germ surfaces for bacteria, viruses and fungi and foster nosocomial infections. The increasing antibiotic resistance
and the proliferation of multi-resistant germs also represent a serious risk. Infectious diseases, which require an isolation of the patient and
a complete decontamination of the rooms, pose new challenges and problems for hospitals.

During the congress different risk factors and areas were discussed, problems analysed and innovative solutions found. All aspects were
being considered in the context of minimising the risk of liability for hospitals and operators.

Architects referred to hospital construction and hygiene and discussed about approaches for hygienic design in hospital construction.
Specialist planners dealt with logistic concepts for sensitive areas in hospitals. The risk of liability in hospital operation, necessary risk analyses
for a safe hospital operation, ways of risk minimisation due to risk-based plant, area and room qualification as well as the requirements on
operator liability, safety and plant availability in hospitals were set out.

Furthermore basic principles and requirements for hygiene solutions on room decontamination with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in order to
eliminate germs were presented. The conclusion of the lectures was the presentation on the topic: “innovative concepts for automated disinfection
of intensive care areas”.

A common dinner in the evening as well as a highlight presentation of Audi AG about the Audi e-gas project “e-gas – the energy revolution in the tank”
completed the varied program.

On the second day a visit to the HT Group GmbH in Heideck was part of the program. The visit mainly focused on the newly developed room system
for intensive care and patient rooms.

The recently developed concept for room solutions of patient and ICU rooms puts the patient in focus. The patient is to feel comfortable while the
full functionality of the rooms stays intact. Due to appealing colour choices, new materials and innovative functions with the latest design an
atmosphere is generated that is rather that of a hotel room than a patient room in a hospital.

A special feature is the function HT Clean – an advanced function of the room control management system HT Control.
HT Clean enables the automated room disinfectiHT Clean enables the automated room on with H2O2 gassing.
There was a live demonstration of the H2O2 gassing process in the new ICU and patient room.

Further highlights of the visit:

// Visit of the two OR rooms – demonstration of the room management system HT Control
// New, modern patient room with an attractive design
// HT SANSystem: presentation of four new patient bathrooms in various designs and with different equipment
// Guided tour through the production facilities of HT Group

The event ended with a hearty visit of the Oktoberfest in Munich.

We hope that our guests enjoyed this interesting and exciting event with many new impressions and inspiring, worth knowing discussions.

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